Swimming to Heaven

 It is not standard to depict fish with their head facing upwards in the frame. Like someone once said “The fish is swimming to heaven”.

I took a conscious decision to print the photo in the orientation it was taken. Turning it would create an illusion that would appeal even less to the discerning eye – something all koi keepers are born with.   So I decided to use it as an example of how not to take your pictured of your prized fish.


The Value of Koi - Part 3

 The components of cost

Many skilled hands and resources add up to determine the price of the nishikigoi as displayed in the tanks of the dealer. The costs starts accumulating from the point the fish is selected on the Japanese farm and never ceases to add up towards the final retail price you pay. What are these costs?


Spawning - home bru


When in your last newsletter you remarked about countless eggs and the many thousands of babies forthcoming, I felt a surge of melancholy because I knew that before long the tears of joy will be changed into tears of sadness as home breeders fiercely try to prevent the once healthy spawn from “dying before your eyes”.



Come select your own or prepaid.

Selecting you own from a breeder of note is an opportunity that few koi keepers do not want to miss. Budgetary constrains may prevent you from going to Japan yourself, but after a 23 years involvement in the trade, we can offer to do the selecting for you.


The Value of Koi - Part 2

Evaluation criteria

The following extract from Japanese Ornamental Koi Carp: Origin, Variation and Genetics may shed more light on the issue of quality and consequently price of nishikigoi:


Harvest October 2013

Harvest time is around the bend. Other than paying yourself for a holiday, handpicked koi is still the cheapest way to acquire the cream of the crop at a price that suits your pocket.

And there is also opportunity to tag along to witness the spectacle yourself for an experience of a lifetime in the country of the rising sun...


Culling Net

A Matsuda net is an example of Japanese craftsmanship. If you treat it correctly and with respect, it will give you many years of useful file.

Care for the culling net


The Value of Koi - Part 1

Why are koi expensive? And what contributes to the price tag? Those are commonly asked questions and the answers given are often generalised and dismissive rather than educational. Prices are not always set as profit on costs… prices reflect the ennobled value of a koi. There’s a big difference in such thinking.


The Champ

On Ogata Koi Farm in Kurume there is a grave stone that immortalizes the life of an important being in typical Japanese fashion. It reads 

錦鯉 供養之碑 (Nishikigoi Kuyou no Hi)

Meaning, in simple words : The grave stone of a Nishikigoi”