Using a Culling Net

This brief article describes how to use a culling net. Not how to cull, but some of the many things to consider when you do culling of your prized new fry..

  • Flip the net around every time you take a new scoop. It will prevent any blockage of the fine net from dirt build-up.


Judging Criteria

In koi keeping, body shape, color, and pattern are judged in that order. The body shape takes priority because, irrespective of the standard of color and pattern, a body that is too long, too short, too thin, or too round will constitute inferior quality. The bigger and better the body shape, the better the impression; and the better a koi's movement will be. A koi with a pot belly cannot have a graceful swimming motion. Deformities demand immediate elimination (although it is questionable whether the koi should have been entered at all).


We are in Japan!

The 2012 Season photo's. Many of the pictures are of fish that we can only have on reserve for a short time. The pic's may also not be that great, but view the images together with the YouTube video's and if you are interested, call fro better pics if needed.