Culling Net

A Matsuda net is an example of Japanese craftsmanship. If you treat it correctly and with respect, it will give you many years of useful file.

Care for the culling net


  • Never hit or bang the net, side-on or face-on, against anything to dislodge dirt or debris.
  • If you need to dislodge dirt while working, flick it lightly in the opposite direction
  • Never step or walk on the net and never manhandle it.
  • It is not a toy and should be kept from the destructive hands of children.
  • Do not leave it in the sun.
  • Don’t use chlorine for disinfection, but correctly diluted products like Halamid, Bensalkonium chloried, Chroromine-T or Virkon-S. Washing with diluted antiseptic detergent, dish washing soap, Savlon, Dettol, Corsodyl or Flax mouth wash, all the standard varieties, without the fragrant additives, will also do. Always rinse in clean water after wash.
  • Replay: Wash the net with mild antiseptic detergent and rinse well after every use. You can use a soft hand brush if really needed, but do not overdo it: it will limit it’s useful life.
  • Dry the net, handle down, on a dry rack. Using direct sunlight aid with disinfection, but when the net is dry, it should be taken from the sun.
  • Maintain your net and fix any loose thread or wire immediately.


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