Barley Straw - a biological cure for pond algae

Barley straw is the natural way to inhibit the development of algae in dams, garden and koi ponds.

Packed in ready-for-use in a 50 or 200 gram bags with draw string. For sale in single or economical multi-pack bags.

Now also available 250g partially decomposed (rotten) straw for a quick start and Barley Straw Extract for even a quicker start and algae-free pond maintenance.  Complete with instructions.

 Dosage: 5 -10 gram per 1000 liter are recommended, but initially 25-50 gram per 1000 liter may be needed to clear pond with much algae. Even more.
Will last about 6 months - the whole summer season!

Remember it is a slow process to start and dependent on the rotting on the straw. It is a biological process and difficult to control. Do not expect immediate results, but make sure your initial dose be sufficient. If it does not work it is probably too little. Add more.

DO not mix it with other anti-algae chemicals as it will negate the effect of the straw by killing the organisms. (I have since noticed this is not quite true. It also worked when a heavy algal growth was treated simultaneously with the normal dose of anti-algae chemical (some, standard algastatic compound) and barley straw. There was immediate effect from the chemicals, but the straw took over after two months and the pond is clear ever since.)

In ponds overgrown with algae it might be better to allow the process to start and mature two weeks and then It do a major water change in the case of pea soup algae. Normally the pea soup algae is the more resilient and last to go.



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