Fish Genetics - a good book

Fish Genetics: Theory and Practice

by Boris Gomelsky

This book is written in textbook format and presents an overview of different aspects of fish genetics in an understandable and systematic style.

The book are divided into seven chapters. It reviews data on variability and evolution of fish chromosomes, meiosis and development of eggs and spermatozoa, and fertilization. Mendelian genetics in fish and data on inheritance of color, fin length and scale cover types will interest the koi fraternity. Inheritance and analysis of quantitative traits, and DNA markers and their application are also covered. Also selective breeding, intraspecies and interspecies hybridization, inbreeding and methods of the reduction of inbreeding. Methods obtaining gynogenetic, polyploid and monosex progenies, production of transgenic fish, and genomics are all covered.

The book is extensively illustrated and contains more than 80 figures and 16 tables. It is intended for students and everyone who is involved in aquaculture and fisheries. Also, it could be interesting and beneficial for koi and aquarium fish hobbyists.

Table of Contents 
Chapter 1. Fish Chromosomes and Cytogenetics of Fish Reproduction 
Chapter 2. Inheritance of Qualitative Morphological Traits in Fish
Chapter 3. Inheritance of Quantitative Traits in Fish
Chapter 4. DNA Genetic Markers and Their Application
Chapter 5. Selective Breeding and Hybridization
Chapter 6. Chromosome Set Manipulation and Sex Control
Chapter 7. Gene Engineering and Genomics

About the Author

Dr. Boris Gomelsky has long-term experience of fish genetics research in different countries (United States, Israel, and Russia). Currently Dr. Gomelsky is a Professor in the Aquaculture Division at Kentucky State University where, in the last 15 years, he has taught classroom and online courses in fish genetics and fish reproduction.


“This book is a collection of MSc and advance BSc level of fish genetics and biotechnology course notes lectured in Kentucky State University. This is the best (no exaggeration) source for anyone interested in fish genetics (as Start).

I recommend this book to any lecturer or student for introductory fish genetics course. Well book is consisting of practiced and applied lectures. I bought this book for my students (Sample reference) and every student of fish genetics (BSc-MSc) should have one.

“Koi and farmed carp are my interest. Lots of good information, examples, and further sources to check out. Good book.”

Paperback: 200 pages

Publisher: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (March 24, 2011)