Biology and Ecology of Carp

This new book may be about carp, but if we remember that Nishikigoi is really ennobled carp, it has information of interest to all of us.

Biology and Ecology of Carp

Editors Constanze Pietsch and Philipp Hirsch


June 22, 2015 by CRC Press
Reference - 394 Pages - 21 Color & 66 B/W Illustrations
ISBN 9781482206647

Hardcover and Kindle versions available on Amazon.

The following from the CRC Press website:

Table of Contents

Part I: Genetics of Common Carp and Koi Carp

The Natural History of Common Carp and Common Carp Genetics;Klaus Kohlmann

Japanese Ornamental Koi Carp: Origin, Variation and Genetics;Servaas de KockandBoris Gomelsky

Part II: Aquaculture and Nutrition of Carp

Carp Aquaculture in Europe and Asia;Pavel Hartman, Gregor Schmidtand Constanze Pietsch

Reproduction and First Feeding of Carp; Gregor Schmidt

Chromosome Set Manipulation, Sex Control and Gene Transfer in Common Carp;Boris Gomelsky

Traditional Feeding of Common Carp and Strategies for Replacement of Fish Meal;Gert Füllner

Part III: Diseases and immune response to carp

Disease Agents and Parasites of Carp;Jasminca Behrmann-Godel

The Carp Immune System and Immune Responses to Pathogens;Natalia Ivonne Vera–Jimenez, Michael Engelbrecht Nielsenand Geert Frits Wiegertjes

Part IV: Ecology

Feeding Ecology of Carp;Brian HuserandPia Bartels

Carp as an Invasive Species;Brendan J. Hicksand Nicholas Ling

Recreational Fishing for Carp – Implications for Management and Growth of Carp Populations;Henrik Ragnarsson-Stabo

Part V: Toxicology

Effects of Pesticides on Carp;Radka Dobsikovaand Josef Velisek

Impact of Natural Toxins on Common Carp; Constanze Pietsch


  • Contains concept-based chapters to educate facility managers and hobbyists on the various aspects of carp
  • Includes information on carp biology and ecology
  • Uses an accessible style suitable for both scientific researchers and non-scientists
  • Provides color illustrations and info boxes to clarify complex concepts and terms


Carp are the backbone of a growing aquaculture industry. They facilitate scientific progress as a model species in laboratories, cause concern for ecosystem managers as an invasive species, and mesmerize anglers as big game. In addition, ornamental koi carp fascinate hobby breeders. Biology and Ecology of Carp covers all these facets of this freshwater fish.

Informative and engaging contributions from renowned experts review the current state of research on carp and present their original findings. Thirteen cross-linked chapters provide an exhaustive yet easily accessible treatise exploring:

  • Carp aquaculture
  • Natural and artificial reproduction
  • Feeding and growth
  • Ecosystem effects of carp
  • Effects of disease agents and toxic substances on carp

Color illustrations and infoboxes help readers navigate technical terms and complex concepts, explaining how carp interact with their natural and artificial environments. This book is suitable for everyone interested in carp—from scholars to anglers.

Servaas de Kock