EkoSlim Turns 339%

Development over the past few years by KoiNet on the applications of airlift technology has led to a range of aquaculture products inter alia:

  • EkoSlim Water Pump
  • EkoSlim Inline Water Pump
  • EkoSlim In-Pond filtration
  • Custom filtration Systems
  • EkoSlim Heater and UV
  • And more

Our experimental holding tank system turns water at 9,800 litre per hour using only 2884 litre per hour air flow consuming 42 Watt electricity while oxygenating at the same time.

Efficiency: Water moved to Air used ratio = 3.39 (339%)

Low, low power usage

It is easy to keep it running during load-shedding

It is scalable for large applications in aquaculture and pond keeping.

(Installers welcome. )

 EkoSlim R1354c