Biological Activity

Ensuring your fish pond water is optimally habitable is normally a guessing game. You can easily test for the normal quality parameters. Testing for ammonia and nitrite is essential pond practice. If you are at all interested in optimum growth at high stocking densities and feed rates, pH and oxygen levels become critical. 

Biological activity due to DOC (dissolved organic carbon), POC (particulate organic carbon), and other free-floating organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses etc.) are more difficult to estimate, but left unchecked can result in all sorts of opportunistic organisms gaining a foothold in you pond environment. Fish can develop all sorts of bacterial and fungal diseases difficult to get rid of. Fish farms can face great financial loss and even ruin. This can easily happen in poorly constructed ponds or systems, or with high stocking and feeding rates. 

The B-Load Test developed for just that – to quickly get ’n qualitative indication of the biological activity of your pond water