The Champ

On Ogata Koi Farm in Kurume there is a grave stone that immortalizes the life of an important being in typical Japanese tradition and fashion. It reads 

錦鯉 供養之碑 (Nishikigoi Kuyou no Hi)

Meaning, in simple words : The grave stone of a Nishikigoi”


But there are more detail hidden in these pictographs

供養    for "to hold a memorial service”


for "monument"


True to the Shinto tradition, there is no name or date on the stone. The event in terms of the continuum of time, insignificant. Not important. An understatement.


What is important is that Mr Manabu Ogata wished to honour the memories of a meaningful life. Immortalize the life of a fish. Timeless. A true testament in stone. The foundation of his future fish business.


I am indebted to Kiyoko Fujita for opening the misery of the Japanese culture to me. Lifting the lid just a little.  

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