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It is a typical trait of koi hobbyists to sometime or other develop an itch to trade their wares and fill a particular niche in the market. It might be to earn income from their hobby to help offset the growing expense bill. Or perhaps they are more entrepreneurial inclined and seeking a way of making an honest income.

Whatever the case, if you have set your mind on exploiting the koi market, even if you have limited start-up funds and experience, then this booklet is for you.

This booklet was written for the aspiring koi trader who needs to know how to go about planning for every facet of his business. The advice ranges from site selection, equipment requirements, operating procedures, supplier and customer relationships, budgeting, market focus, and avoiding the pitfalls which are so common in this trade.
The shop can be started as a home-based business venture, as an independent retail shop in a business area, or as an on-site or off-site outlet for a koi farm.

The Koi Shop - How to start and operate a koi outlet.

By Servaas de Kock and Ronnie Watt

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ByAmazon Customer on June 27, 2015
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This is the book that I wish I had some years ago. There is a lot to keep in mind when deciding to open a Koi shop, so much more to it than you see from the outside, looking in. Servaas and Ronnie really know the business, inside and out. I was in (and out) of the hobby myself for a number of years, and like many, tried my hand at "going commercial." It was a lot of fun, but I soon learned the truth behind the saying, "It's easy to make a small fortune selling Koi, just start with a large fortune." That isn't to say you can't make money with Koi, but there's more too it than at least I thought. This book would have made some of the pit falls more obvious, and also shown me some parts of the market that I wasn't aware of.

What you must keep in mind that some of the information in the booklet is regional, and you'll have to take into consideration what might be different in YOUR local. The local laws and regulations will almost certainly differ, but those are generally easy to find out about. The basic "industry standard" procedures and practices will differ somewhat, but the info given in the booklet is very sound and gives you a standard to shoot for. The pages dealing with the health and welfare of the Koi are some of the best I've read anywhere. But the medications will often be something you'll have to look up and find out what it is called in your area, as well as whatever legal issues may be involved with it. What is commonly used in one part of the world may well be banned in another part. But doing your homework, you'll find what the equivalent treatment in your location is.

But give yourself a good head start, by using "The Koi Shop" and a guide. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, do your market research, decide just how much "into" the business you think you can handle, and make a detailed business plan. If it still looks go to you, then give it a go!

I have to say that I've known Servaas de Kock and Ronnie Watt, mostly via the Internet, for quite a few years. And in those years, I've come to respect them both. They've been a fount of information to me, and to many others as well. I still treasure my copy of "Living Jewels - Koi Keeping in South Africa." Their knowledge of Koi appreciation is well demonstrated in that book, and well as what I consider the best section on the Ethics of Koi Breeding. A subject many don't seem to want to approach.

In short, (too late now, I suppose,) You think you might want to get into the business? Get the book. Consider it part of your homework.

Mike S, Fl, USA

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