Virkon S

No need to rewrite someone else’s good words. Take heed of this anonymous writer’s warning. So I am “plowing with someone else’s cattle” as we say in Afrikaans.

To sterilize ponds, filter or equipment and to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses. If used in the pond, do not repeat within 7 days. Not only is Virkon S a very potent disinfectant, but is less toxic than potassium (permanganate) or Chloramine T. (1)

It can be used in many different ways, as a foot dip, bath or spray to disinfect all kinds of equipment, hands after treatments and can be used in direct contact with the koi (in the pond water) to kill pathogens, by adding 5g/1000 liters.

Virkon S is also ideal to bring down the bacterial count in your pond after parasite infections and treatment, to prevent secondary bacterial infection. (2)

If you need to sterilize your pond completely with no fish in the water, add 20g/1000 liters. Virkon S is normally being used to sterilize a pond after a KHV infection. (3)

The koi societies also use Virkon S lately to disinfect all show ponds and equipment before and after koi shows (4).


SDK notes:

***1. The application is different so comparing them is not so straightforward. Source for another article.

***2. This dosage is reported to be effective for carp pox as well when repeated every 7-10 days until cleared. Note that water changes will be needed.

***3.  Remember to run your pump also to also sterilize the pipe and filter chambers.

***4. For show disinfection the concentration is pushed up further. Since shows are always a hurried affair and contact time is important to be effective, 200-500 g/1000 liter for a short dip of < 30 seconds dip. Please remember that a rinse phase in your disinfecting routine is vital to reduce “carry over” of the toxic solution to your other ponds.

This is a very important point of caution at show benching. For a big show it may necessary to exchange you RINSE water ever so often because frequent use of the higher concentration will carry on over to the pond.

Future possible article 
Difference between Virkon S and Virkon Aquatic