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accessory pelvic appendage

a tapered fleshy lobe above the base of the pelvic fin. May be covered by a scale.


accessory primordium

an additional growth centre outside the otolith core but lacking primordial granules. Accessory growth centre is preferred.


accessory respiratory organ

a superficial or internal organ which complements the gills in exchange of gases with the environment when the fish is in …


accessory scale

axillary scale (a small triangular appendage or a modified scale at the upper or anterior base of a paired fin. Also called …


accidental catch

other fishes caught during a fishery directed to a target species. The fish may be taking bait meant for other fish, chasing …


accidental host

a fish serving as a host for a variable length of time for a parasite of another animal. Also called abnormal host.


accidental parasite

a parasite which has infected an unusual host.


accidental species

normally marine species occasionally found in fresh waters but not in any regular or predictable manner. Records are usually …



the process by which fish become used to new circumstances. Often used in adjusting to changes in temperature, water quality, …


acclimation pond

a pond or temporary structure used for rearing juvenile fish, acclimating them to specific conditions and, for migratory …

Page 13 of 123 Results 121 - 130 of 1228