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opportunistic bacteria responsible for external skin infections

The hi markings on the cheeks of Asagi and Shusui.


Blue (indigo) colour.

Indigo sashi of Aigoromo. add

Alternative name for Koromo-Showa.

koi with blue-robed scales on a hi pattern.


red colour (ground) .

Bekko with a red ground.

Kohaku with red all-over.

Kohaku with a red body and white tips to the pectoral fins.

koi with matsuba scalation on a ground of red.

Sanke with a red body and sumi markings but a white nose and abdomen.

Eye with a red iris in Kigoi.

Red or orange koi, with the colour covering the entire body and/or fins. Not favored and removed during culling. literally "red thing"

Associates Koi Clubs of America

Light blue

The concentration of bases (that can neutralize acids) in a water sample. Normally carbonate, bicarbonate and hydroxyl ions

Nitrogen metabolic waste product excreted through the gills. Finds equilibrium in the water as NH3/NH4+ depending on the phi

Lernea, ectoparasite of fish, visible with naked eye

conditions of low oxygen.

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