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Small, scattered sumi markings. Also see jari-sumi.

Enrofloxacin, popular antibiotic inject able and mixed in feed.

koi with a "stepping stone" pattern of black markings on a white, red or yellow ground.

Dark red pattern.

Kujaku in which the hi covers all of the body.

koi with a vermillion red ground al over.

Ginrin scalation in which the entire scale glitters.


bacterial gill disease, Flavobacterium, etc


biological oxygen demand

monogean fluke of the Gyrodactylus spp found mainly on the skin of koi

The sumi scales appear blurred.

Kohaku with a strong hi pattern on the front part of the body extending to the head.

koi of average quality. Also called Chuppa.

Kohaku with no hi marking on the head.


The size grouping at a koi show.

Grape-like purplish clusters of scales.

koi with wine-coloured scales arranged as clusters of grapes on a hi pattern.

Budo-Goromo with strong sumi in the koromo pattern

period ?? during which first coloured carp was produced

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