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monogean fluke of the Dactylogyrus spp found mainly on the gill lamella of koi

caused by fungus Branchiomyces


Metallic white, which appears as silver.

Koi with the pattern of Shiro Bekko on a platinum ground.

Matsuba scalation on a ground colour of platinum.

Shiro-Utsuri with a platinum sheen.

Showa with a platinum sheen.

Wild carp with a slight silver metallic sheen on the dorsal fin.

Iridescent scalation.

Shusui with a silver-sheen.



the number five,"5", also "top" or "upper"

Small black spot.

'The top three". The grouping of Kohaku, Sanke and Showa.

A five coloured koi.

Small hi markings in the pectoral fins of Goshiki.

Goshiki with the doitsu, dark blue ground typical of Shusui.

Pattern of small clusters of red scales resembling cherry blossoms in bloom.

process of grading and sizing for market or further growth

Base colour of the body of a koi.

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