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Head. Head marking. Also number "eight"

Lightning-shaped sumi marking on the head.

Early name for a menkaburi Kohaku.

Sumi head marking on Showa, extending from the nose to the shoulder.

the skin of koi

koi with a black body with white tips to the pectoral fins and white on the nose that spreads over the head.

White wings. koi with a black body with white on the tips of the pectoral fins only.

Shusui in which a second line of hi runs between the lateral line and the dorsal line.

A sumi marking on the nose and mouth area.

A hi marking on the head extending onto the mouth.

cage made from cotton sheet or netting to hatch and raise fry before releasing

red colour on the abdomen.

red colour on the abdomen. Also the hi markings on the abdomen and flanks of Asagi and Shusui.

concentration of calcium and magnesium in water, usually expressed in equivalent CaCO3, calcium carbonate.

koi with a pattern combining gold and platinum except those out of the Utsurimono-lineage.

Alternative and more recent name for Doitsu Yamatonishiki (in honour of the Heisei era).

external parasite, flagellate


red (as a colour, marking or pattern), pronounce 'he'

Hi-Utsuri with the white ground revealing kage scalation.

Asagi with hi covering all of the back.

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