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Edge. (of pattern or scale?)

Ginrin scalation in which only the posterior edge of the scale glitters.

Mirror (doitsu) carp with no scales at all.

Hazy or "phantom" pattern of the ground colour.

Showa with the white ground revealing kage scalation.

Black as in "crow".

koi that is black all over.

Sumi markings overlapping onto hi markings.

Ginrin scalation that has an irregular arrangement of glitter along the edge of the scale.

Patterning on only one side of the body.

Big, bold black marking on a shoulder.

Masao Kato, (1926-..)

Shoehorn. Odd-shaped head markings.

Leather (doitsu) carp with large reflective scales.

A grouping of varieties of non-metallic koi.


koi herpes virus


the colour yellow.

Bekko with a yellow ground.

koi with matsuba scalation on a ground of yellow.

A yellow Shusui with blue on the back.

Page 1 of 4 Results 1 - 20 of 62