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White ground breaking through into the hi marking as a distinctive window. "few scales appear in relief - a fault"

treatment for parasites inter alia

Early brown-black or blue-black coloured carp.

Pattern extending from the abdomen upwards.

Pattern extending from the back downwards.

chemical used in treatment of certain protozoan parasites

organophosphate insecticide

Alternative name for Kindai-Goshiki.

A hi marking on the head, more or less round and separated from the rest of the hi pattern.

kiwa that stands in relief on the edges of the scale.

Organophosphate used for eradication of flukes, anchor worm and lice. Synonyms: Dipterex, Trichlorofon, Dylox.

Scales appearing in relief and arranged in a pattern that resemble the seed-scales of a pinecone.

koi with the doitsu version of matsuba scalation.

Matsuba scalation Hariwake.

koi with matsuba scalation.

koi of which the white and black pattern changes according to the seasons.

koi farm, bloodline

feed with a antibiotic or antiparasitic or nutritional additive

A hi marking on the head that covers the eyes or chin.

Hooded. Where the red head marking covers all or most of the head.

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