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koi with a pattern of dark brown markings on a ground colour that varies from light grey to green to brown.

To degenerate. To die (?)

Area between the last red marking and the start of the tail. Also known as ojime.

single coloured golden koi with metallic sheen. Saffron-like metallic sheen.

Aki-Utsuri or Hi-Utsuri with a golden sheen. Also called Kin-Shiro.

Small whitish lumps appearing on the gill plates of male koi during the breeding season.

Black stripes on the tail fin, as in Sanke, Bekko and Utsurimono.

Bigger size markings.


koi with a platinum-coloured pattern on a ground of orange-gold.

Ogon with an orange-gold sheen.


Male koi.

antibiotic nit much used anymore



parent fish

disinfection of water by means of ozone

O3 disinfectant

Peduncle, the scaled area just before the tail.

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