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organic pollutant, polychlorinated biphenyls, <14 ng/l

Shusui with fukurin on the scales of the back.


an indication of the acidity of water. The negative of the logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration (activity)

Silver ground colour.

The "metallic" Kohaku. Also called Kin-Fuji.

Ogon with a silver sheen. Also called Purachina.

Cold blooded animal

koi of excellent quality.

KMnO4, Treatment for external parasites, external lesions, bacteria on skin, fungi etc.

insecticide effective in the eradication of flukes and worms.

antibacterial, antiparasitic

microscopic parasite

Disinfectant. Water soluble complex of polyvinyl pyrolidone and iodine. Synonyms Betadine, Isodine

group of aerobic Gram-negative bacteria

See Platinum-Ogon

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