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welknown Sanke bloodline, breeding family

The gill rakes in the mouth used for filtering food particles.

Konoko Kohaku with a metallic sheen.


the number three, "3".

A three-step pattern.

koi with red and black markings on a white ground. Western form

Sanke with the doitsu, dark blue ground of Shusui.

Carp, koi or goldfish with a white body and red on the dorsal area

Border between the anterior edge of a marking and the white ground.

Very small sumi markings.

Black stripes on the pectoral fin.

Disfiguring black freckle or mark.

All-Japan Nishikigoi Association for koi dealers and breeders.

Too few markings on the rear.

Too heavy markings on the rear.

the colour white.

Shiro-Utsuri with the white ground revealing kage scalation.

Bekko with a white ground.

All-white (Shiro-Muji) koi with luster on the head.

koi with matsuba scalation on a ground of white.

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