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Alternative name for Sanke. 'the three coloured koi that appeared in the Taisho era."

Asagi with a white break separating the hi on the abdomen from the blue back.

Ginrin scalation that has glittering round centers. (Also known as Pearl-Ginrin and Tsubo-gin).

red circular marking on the head only koi of all the varieties and sub-varieties, which display a single circular red marking on the head.

parasitic worm of the intestinal tract. Cestoda

Young fish with the potential to achieve excellence as it matures as identified by the breeder.

red spots on the tail of a Kohaku.

Black lines (2 or 3) extending from the base of the pectoral fin but not quite reaching the tips.

1830-1843 period during which kuchibeni and menkaburi Kohaku was bred.

Brown-black carp.

Small hi marking isolated from the main pattern.

Ki Bekko on a gold ground.

Sanke bloodline, breeding family

Yearling koi.


flukes wormlike parasites

ciliate ectoparasite Visible at 100-200x

Sumi markings on the white ground.

hi marking on the head extending to the mouth

water quality parameter, caused by suspended matter

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