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koi or carp, as part of another word. Not used in isolation.

White. When used in combination with other word

anesthetic for fish, TPEN

opportunistic bacteria responsible for external skin infections

The hi markings on the cheeks of Asagi and Shusui.


Blue (indigo) colour.

Indigo sashi of Aigoromo. add

Alternative name for Koromo-Showa.

koi with blue-robed scales on a hi pattern.


red colour (ground) .

Bekko with a red ground.

Kohaku with red all-over.

Kohaku with a red body and white tips to the pectoral fins.

koi with matsuba scalation on a ground of red.

Sanke with a red body and sumi markings but a white nose and abdomen.

Eye with a red iris in Kigoi.

Red or orange koi, with the colour covering the entire body and/or fins. Not favored and removed during culling. literally "red thing"

Associates Koi Clubs of America

Light blue

The concentration of bases (that can neutralize acids) in a water sample. Normally carbonate, bicarbonate and hydroxyl ions

Page 1 of 20 Results 1 - 20 of 399