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Ki-Utsuri with a golden sheen.

Matsuba scalation on a ground colour of gold.

Showa with a golden sheen.

Metallic version of gotenzakura.

Wild carp with a slight golden metallic sheen on the dorsal fin.


Showa showing substantially more white ground, smaller and fewer sumi markings and smaller hi markings.

Goshiki with a more pronounced Asagi patterning of dark blue robbing.

koi of all the varieties, which display shiny scales across the length of the back.

Shusui with a metallic sheen. Gold-sheen Shusui.??

separation between the posterior edge of a marking and the white ground.

koi with red markings on a white ground.

koi keepers enthusiastically talking about koi

Rows of precisely aligned, regular scales.

A scale that is paler in colour or has lost all colour.

National fish. koi

Smaller size markings.

Asagi with intense indigo coloured scales.

Fawn-like pattern of dappled hi scales on a ground of white.

Dappled hi scalation on a Kohaku.

Page 10 of 20 Results 181 - 200 of 399