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ultraviolet radiation of water used for algal control and disinfection

Normal, full-scaled.

Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, ich, a ciliate parasite, visible at 100x


koi with a platinum-coloured pattern on a ground of lemon-gold.

Ogon with a yellow-gold sheen.

Historic koi producing region in Niigata prefecture

Sanke with a metallic sheen., doitsu version also called Heiseinishiki

A fish farm, koi farm

Young koi, fish


The number four, "4"

Four-step pattern.

koi with a black body with a white head and white on the tail and pectoral fins.

koi of excellent quality. Also called Pongoi.

A patch of snow. Used for an unique koi

The Japan-based international promoter of koi keeping hobby. Abbreviated as ZNA.


Zen Nippon Airinkai

Red pattern which almost covers the rear half as though the koi is wearing red trousers. Not favored.

Red on the forehead. One of the earliest forms of Kohaku.

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