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ectoparasite, protozoans with hair-like organelles called cilia, movement observable under microscope.

Sporozoan parasites of the intestinal tract. Goussia spp most common


chemical oxygen demand

Cu, heavy metal pollutant, can be used for algal control, must be <0.3mg/l

Ichthyobodo, microscopic external parasite with cilia, visible at 200-400x

process by which koi of lesser quality is removed

salts of the CN- anion, water quality parameter, highly toxic component, must be < 0.1 mg/l

koi of poor quality. Also called dari.

famous bloodline from Niigata

Diamond-like ginrin also known as Hiroshima-Ginrin.

Stepped pattern.

Ginrin scalation with diamond-like reflecting characteristics. Also called diamond-ginrin.

a systemic insecticide inhibiting chitin synthesis. Active ingredient diflubenzuron. Good for treatment of anchor worms and lice

to make free of pathogens by physical or chemical treatment

procedure/protocol to prevent spread of disease by disinfection of boots, equipment etc between different points

Pattern extending below the lateral line.

Scale-less koi. Also see kagami-goi and kawa-goi.

Mud-black colour.

To stop feeding. (check)

ciliated ectoparasite found commonly in ponds

Page 4 of 20 Results 61 - 80 of 399