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gill maggot

To give food (check).

organisms normally found in pond conditions but which can cause disease if fish is kept under stress

external parasite with one or more 'hair' used for propulsion

Metronidazole, an antibiotic, amebicide, and antiprotozoal, anaerobic bacteria

Solution of formaldehyde in water, usually 30-40%, used in treatment of certain protozoan parasites or neutolies potassium permanganate

Kohaku with silver white lumps (Fuji) on the head.

The skin between scales giving it a shiny edge and net effect.

Luster. The shiny edge to a metallic coloured scale.


monogean fluke of the Dactylogyrus spp found mainly on the gill lamella of koi

caused by fungus Branchiomyces


Metallic white, which appears as silver.

Koi with the pattern of Shiro Bekko on a platinum ground.

Matsuba scalation on a ground colour of platinum.

Shiro-Utsuri with a platinum sheen.

Showa with a platinum sheen.

Wild carp with a slight silver metallic sheen on the dorsal fin.

Iridescent scalation.

Shusui with a silver-sheen.

Page 5 of 20 Results 81 - 100 of 399