October Harvest 2019

The October Harvest 2019 is on its way. Here are the pictures of the fish selected and offered according to your Wish Lists and Prepaid orders. Do your like any?

KA1 4051


Beautiful Doitsu Kojaku and Benikikokuryu around 40cm going for 7k each
KA1-A,B,C,D allocated




KA2 - Kanoko mix 5.8k each. B and E is typical for a normal developing Nisai Kindai Goshiki. The blue will come later..


KA3 - Ginrin Hajiro and Tancho Showa R6.1k The rest C,D, E = 5.8k

Advice from our Japanese koi expert:"Ginrin Hajiro's Sumi/black is coming little by little. Very very beautiful and it should be female. Expect to grow."
The Tancho Showa has submerged sumi (black) that will come out later. The same with the Showa.
"Good value for money. Very much Tategoi type and promising....for those who understand this type of fish."
KA3- B & C allocated


SH9 4060 61

SH9 - Shinoda Ginrin  Showa selected for grow-on R6.2k each

SH10 4062

SH10 4062 006

SH10 - Shinoda Mix 35-38 cm R4k each. A, B, C, E allocated

YA5 4063 009

YA5 - Yamazaki well known "small nisai" R1.1k each 18-22cm. Any interest? Any request? Hi Utsuri, Showa, Goshiki, Kohaku, Sanke, etc, etc. and also Butterfies too in this SAMPLE PICTURE.

GA1 4064 015

GA1 - Small nisai from Ikarashi. R1.3k each 18-22cm. Let know if your interested. Can pack 25-30cm per box. SAMPLE PICTURE. (You can Iga- or Ika-, it is still the same breeder.)

HR1 4081 006

HR1 4081 007

HR1 - Hiroi mix 40-45cm 

HR2 4080 012

HR2i 4080 013

HR2 - Hiroi mix with quality Kikokuryu and Ginrin Goshki.

SA1 4070 015

SA1 A 4070 012

SA1 B 4070 015

SA1 - Outstanding Sakuma Kohaku. Also good for breeding.


 KU1 4083 006

 KU1 - Yamabuki Ogon from Kurihara.

GA2 4085 001

GA2 - Igarashi affordable beauties.

GA3 4088 001

GA3 4088 003

GA3 - Igarashi - more.

GA2 - Igarashi Video clip.

GA3 - Igarashi Video clip.

 TA1 4090 011 500w

 TA1 - Takahashi mix 30-35cm

TA1 - Takahashi Video Clip


TA2 4092 016 500w

TA2 - Takahashi Mix 35cm

TA2 - Takahashi Video Clip

SH1 4094 012 500w 

SH1 Shinoda doitsu mix

SH1 Shinoda Video Clip

SH2 4096 003 500w

SH2 Shinoda Ginrin Showa 

SH1 Shinoda Video Clip


SH3 8455 001 500w

SH3 Shinoda Hi Utsuri 38-43cm


OT1 8482 01 500w

OT1 - Otsuka Ki Utsuri in two groups A & B 40-43cm. C & D 33-35cm. Note that D is Ginrin Ki Utsuri.. All good quality.

OT1 Video Clip

KA4 8472 500w

KA4 - Kaneko Purachina 38-43cm 
This superb Purachina are of Chigoro strain, and shows it. Numbered only to frustrate your.

KA4 - Video Clip

 KA5 shiro 500w

KA5 - Kaneko Shiro Utsuri 38-40cm all with good potential.

KA5 Video Clip

 WA1 8405 500w

WA1- Kirin from Wada. 50cm 2-year old
Kinrin is a new variety resembling and behaving like a yellow Kujaku with the pine cone pattern appearing later.  At this time there are few and they are expensive.... 

NA1 Shiro 500w

NA1 - Shiro Utsuri from Nagoshi. 45-50cm. One notch higher. 

 NA1 Video clip.

 Nagoshi Kohaku 500w

 NA2 Nagoshi Yondan Maruten Kohaku with unique pattern you can to take to show. 64cm.

NA2 Video clip

KN1 140 500 

KN1 - AI Goromo 2-year 40cm from breeder Kanno specialist breeder.

KN1 Video clip.



Those with Prepaid deposits can simply select from those available on a first come first serve basis.

Spectators without deposits: Fish will be invoiced and must be paid by EFT before the fish become theirs. The fish will be held in abeyance for 36 hours after invoice.

Those who wist to add or adjust their Wish List must please do so in order for us to hunt for that fish. Prepaid deposits are encouraged to ease the pressure at selection time.

Only those you have chosen will be privileged to become a South African. All fish will be quarantined for 10 day by us unless specifically requested otherwise. Prices includes delivery to SA, but excludes local delivery.