Harvest 2020

A growing list of koi from the 2020 Japan October Harvest. For you to choose from.

SH11 - Shinoda Hi Utsuri 40-45cm     Video Clip

SH12  Shinoda Hi Utsuri 40-45cm    Video Clip Here

SH13 Shinoda  Video Clip

KA6 - Kaneko Kujaku Tosai 10-12 cm - Only 4 months old. 

KA7 - Kaneko Tosai Mix 10-12cm - 4 months old. 

KA8 - Kaneko Shiro Utsuri Tosai 10-12cm. Only 4 months old. The black is coming don't worry. 


About Kaneko Baby Tosai

Please note these Tosai are only four months old and their colour has not yet intensified as you may be used too. Nor are their pattern development complete.

Kaneko, famous for his Kujaku and Shiro,  is from the few breeders in Niigata who sells his Tosai at this time of the year. Other breeders keep their Tosai indoors through the winter during which they colour up for the market. Because they are crowded at high density their growth is reduced. Only Tosai destined for the mud pond to grow to Nisai are afforded more space.

So keep in mind that what you see is not what you will see after a few months of growth and development. We have been buying these koi for many years with success.

There is advantage in buying them this young because they go from the Japanese’s summer to our summer and just keep on growing.


GA7 - Ikarashi Yuki Asagi 35-37cm (Snow Asagi)


 GA8 - Ikarashi Kuru Goshiki 51cm - Really superb


 GA09 Ikarashi Goshiki 34-38cm High quality 


 GA10 - Ikarashi Nisai Mix 32-35cm 

GA11 - Ikarashi Goshiki 35-40cm 

GA12 Ikarashi Kawarigoi mix 40cm 

HS1 Hosokai Nisai Mix 35-42cm 


OT5 Otsuka Nisai mix 25-30cm 

SH14 - Shinoda Ginrin Showa 40-45cm 

OT6 - Otsuka Ki Utsuri, Tancho Goshiki and Kigoi 35-40cm 

SZ1- Sakazumi Yamabuki Ogon, Kin Matsuba, Ginrin Shiro Utsuri and Asagi 35-48cm 


 KA9 - Kaneko Nisai mix 38-45cm 

KA10 - Kaneko Nisai Mix 38-43cm with Ginrin Kuru Goshiki, Kujaku, Doitsu Kujaku and Ginrin Hajiru 

KA11- Kaneko Nisai Mix 38-43cm higher quality -


 GA13 - Ikarashi Nisai Mix 35-40cm

 YA6 Yamasaki Small Nisai 15-20cm 

GA14 - Ikarashi Ginrin Yuki Asagi 30-40cn 

 GA15 Ikarashi Nisai Mix 20-40cm 
Goshiki, Chagoi, Aka Hajiro (rare and good quality) and Ginrin Yuki Asagi

 TA3 - Takahashi Showa Nisai 35-40cm 

YA7 Yamazaki Special Small Nisai 18-22cm 

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