Nisai Available

Currently we have the following Nisai (two-year old koi) available.

KA1 4051

KA1-C Kaneko Doitsu Kujaku available = 7.0k SOLD
KA1-F Kaneko Doitsu Kujaku available = 7.0k


KA3-C Kaneko Doitsu Gin Matsuba available = 5.8k

SH9 A S57616 500w SH9 B S57601 500w

SH9-A Shinoda Hi Utsuri available = 6.2k  - SOLD

SH9-B Shinoda Showa available = R6.2k (black still developing) - SOLD

 SH10 E S57623 500w

SH10-C Shinoda Ginrin Showa 47cm = 4.3k

SH10-E Shinoda Ginrin Showa 48cm = 4.3k

 TA2 4092 016 500w

TA2-D Takahashi Sanke available = 5k  =  SOLD
TA2-B Takahashi Showa available = 5k =  SOLD

TA2 - Takahashi Video Clip

SH1 B S57611 500w  

SH1-B Shinoda Doitsu Showa 47cm =8.7k
SH1 Shinoda Video Clip

SH2 B S57593 500w SH2 C S57629 500w

SH2-B Shinoda Ginrin Showa female = 7.2k 
SH2-C Shinoda Ginrin Showa female = 7.2k

SH1 Shinoda Video Clip

SH3 D S57606 500w 

SH3-D Shinoda Hi Utsuri 43cm available = 5.7k


OT1-B  Otsuka Ki Utsuri 45cm available = 9.9k
OT1-D  Otsuka Ginrin Ki Utsuri 41cm available 6.6k  All good quality.

OT1 Video Clip

KA4 8472 500w

KA4-B  Kaneko Ginrin Purachina 38-43cm available = 6.2k
KA4-E  Kaneko Purachina 38-43cm available = 6.2k
This superb Purachina are of Chigoro strain, and shows it. 

KA4 - Video Clip

 Nagoshi Kohaku 500w

 NA2 Nagoshi Yondan Maruten Kohaku with unique pattern. 64cm. SOLD Just to look at!

OT3-A Otsuka Showa 37cm available = 3.8k

Video to show how fish developed.


Please ask any other other fish if you cannot find what you like. We will be happy to include it in our next shipment.