Tosai Feb 2022

The 2022 Tosai Season has begun!

This is a growing list of Tosai and other fish available at this time. Fish are expected to be shipped towards end March.

Pictures of actual boxes imported and delivered will be available by shipping time. 



SH15 - Shinoda Hi-Utsuri 13-15cm 40/box Price R569 each



KS11 - Kase Tosai Mix 13-15cm 40/box Price R592 each



SA33 - Sakuma Gosanke Tosai 16-20cm 25/box Price R1240 each
Contains also Doitsu Showa and Ginrin Showa in the mix.



SA34 - Sakuma Kujaku Tosai 16-20cm 25/box Price R1240 each

SA33 and SA34 can be mixed if required. Just ask.






Bone fide Dealers contact us - Feb 2022 Prices