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Clay Pebbles Grow Medium 6 litre (Size 4-9mm)

Expandable clay pebbles are an excellent grow medium for plants, herbs and vegetables

in a hydroponic, aquaponic or conventional plant growth environment. It is



  • reusable clay pebbles
  • light-weight
  • retains water
  • provides excellent root attention
  • pH neutral
  • decorative
  • water filtering properties
  • clean and odorless
  • suitable for small to medium size pot
  • suitable to use as hydroponic growing media
  • ensures good root aeration
  • fosters beneficial bacterial growth and prevents many soil-borne insect pests
  • try it in pots as a top dressing to conserve moisture loss and prevent evaporation
  • also known as Hydroball or Leca (Lightweight Expandable Clay Aggregate)

Volume 6 litre, Size 4-9mm clay pebbles.

(keywords: hydroponics, aquaponics, plant substrate, clay balls, leca, hydroball, growth medium)

SBS060 grownet clay pebbels med S51368 300w