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Multi-functional Isolation Box Large

Multi-Functional Isolation Box is suspended in aquarium. Model L

1 Provide Livebearers such as Guppy, Killy fish, Sword fish etc. with space to spawn and avoid the adult fish’s attack and increase the rate of survival of fry.
2. For Betta rearing and aggressive. For sick or injured fish. For small fishes, shrimps, marine fish rearing
3. Self-floating and hang-on style design
4. Can add mating air pump. The use of oxygen makes full convection possible and increases the water quality of the suspension box when used in the inland waters applications.

Size 185 X 90 X 155mm


HZB020 aquanet isolation box S51762 500w


HZB020 aquanet isolation box S51764 500w 2