PVC Gate Valves

PVC Gate Valves have a proven track record of more than 40 years for being reliable, serviceable and economical in areas where the control of fluids at low pressure is required.

They find application in a wide range of industries from cooling towers to agriculture, from waste water control to nuclear plants.

Popular in the fields of aquaculture and koi ponds, these low pressure valves are space saving and do not require unions. They can be fixed or replaced without upsetting the pipe work. Simply undo the bolts, slip the offending part out and replace it.

More durable, practical and space saving than budget ball valve.

More economical and space saving than ball valves with single or dubbel unions.

PVC gate valves offer “no” flow restriction and are quick-opening.

Available from 40 – 350mm and with ABS, PVC or S/S gate

Also available with pneumatic, electrical and physical remote control

Note: Since these valves seal because of the pressure provided on the gate, these valves tend to leak a little at very low pressures. In normal aquaculture applications it is not a problem. 

Also note that as the seal gets older, it may get hard and it may require tightening the the bolts for a better seal. 


Gate vales   

gate valves

Imagine the space and material used for an equivalent 200mm valve.

To ever have to repair this valve, just loosen the nuts, remove and fix the valve body in sito. A few minutes at the most.