Miracle Animal

 Miracle Animal is an extract from carefully selected plants like turmeric, blueberry, prune, wolfberry, persimmon, akebia, tree strawberry, raspberry, Olea oleaster etc.; sea weed like kelp, Sargassum fusiforme (hijiki), giant kelp, Fucus vesiculosus etc. and mushroom like Lentinula edodes (siitake ), Grifola frondosa (maitake), Agaricus species etc. which are all cultivated without agricultural chemicals. These are then fermented after a long period of ripening.

You don’t have to worry about environment pollution because Miracle Animal consists of 100% natural ingredients. Miracle Animal can be used for healthy development, enhancement of immune system, improvement of health condition (of skin, mucosa and etc.), protection and burnished skin of fish. Miracle Animal has a remarkable effect because it contains various kinds of active and special ingredients after treatment by fermentation.

How to use Miracle Animal

Application to feed:

Miracle Animal, which is composed of various kinds of plant extracts, contains balanced nutrients necessary for growth and development. Balance of nutrients is essential for health development for your koi. Amino acids, minerals and vitamins in feed are well digested and absorbed efficiently, which improves the function of internal organs and shapes your koi into well looking from the inside. Skin turns whiter and pattern in colours improve depth. Miracle Animal is also recommended to koi breeders who aim for ideal body shape.


Recommended usage of Miracle Animal is 2-3% of total feed. Example for floating and sinking type feed: Please add 2ml-3ml of Miracle Animal to 100g of feed and add 20ml-30ml of Miracle Animal to 1kg of feed.


Note: Miracle Animal is easily blended by dissolving it into a small amount of water in advance.


For pond water:

Pour diluted solution of Miracle Animal in the filtration tank. (Avoid putting it directly into the water). E.g. use 1 litre of Miracle Animal for a 10 ton pond. This help to restore the balance of the filter micro flora.


Functions of Lactobacillus:

Some strains of Lactobacillus spp helps digestion and absorption of nutrients, activation of the immune system of intestine and improvement of basic organs of all animals.


How to store Miracle Animal after blended into feed:

2 weeks in cold and dark place such as a refrigerator and at room temperature, use it up within 1 day.


Instructions and directions for use:

·         Miracle Animal helps digestion and absorption of feed but please prevent from over feeding. Adjust feeding according to condition of koi while observing faeces volume and checking floating faeces under the general management such as control of water temperature.

·         Please keep Miracle Animal out of babies and small children’s reach, even though it is not harmful to drink it.

·         In case Miracle Animal got into eyes, please wash out with clear water immediately.

·         In case Miracle Animal attaches to clothes, please wash it out immediately, because it may cause a stain.

·         Please store Miracle Animal in a dark and cool place as it contains live micro-organism.