Sparkle - Montmorillonite Clay

Sparkle is a quality Calcium Montmorillonite Clay used to flocculate organic impurities like proteins, oils, enzymes, etc. from fruit juices, wine, foodstuffs and koi ponds. The clay molecules "attracts" the organic molecules and "encapsulate" them resulting in a heavier and neutral molecule. These settle on the bottom or settlement chamber where it can be filtered or flushed out. The murkiness disappears and a sparkling pond low in organics is the result.

Instructions: Mix the required dose in a bucket with some pond water and apply around the perimeter of the pond. Water may take a day or so to clear. Overdosing is not likely.

DOSAGE: Use 5g (half a scoop or one teaspoon ) per 1000 litre pond water.

NEW PONDS: Apply recommended dosage every second day for a month.

OLD PONDS: Apply the dosage once per week for as long as you wish

For the esoteric minded, Sparkle can be mixed with food.

Physical Properties
Size < 12% >150 micron
CEC > 50 Meq/100g
pH 8.7—9.2
Moisture content < 15%

Chemical Assay
SiO2 - 58.6%
Al2O3 - 21.1%
Fe2O3 - 4.97%
MgO - 2.9%
CaO - 0.93%