AquaGarden Four-in-One Small Pond Filter

AquaGarden Four-in-One Pond Filter for up to 3250 litre small pond

Aquagarden Four-in-one 3250 by Blagdon is a complete in-pond solution that is easy to install.

This model will run the filter and fountain and or feature in a pond with a max volume of 1828 litres.

Aquagarden Four-in-one Water movement and clarity includes the following:

Water filter (mechanical & biological)                             

9W Green Water UV with 10m cable     

0.76W Automatic LED Spotlight

12 Volt pump with a flow rate of 1650L/h and a pumping height of 1.3m.

11.5m cable with isolation transformer for safety.

The AquaGerden Four-in-One is supported in South Africa.

Accessories include:

4 assorted fountain/feature Spray heads

T piece with fountain and feature flow control valves

30cm adjustable telescopic fountain extension pipe

20cm fountain extension pipe

3 interchangeable hose fittings: 25mm; 19mm;12.5mm

(1.8 x 1.2 x 0.7m)