ProDrum and ProBio Partnership

A neat and highly effective partnership for aquaculture and koi water recirculating systems (RAS).

This drum filter and moving bed filter combination are designed for a flow rate of up to 100m3/hour and 650litre Mutag BioChip filter media. It can process the waste of a biomass that consumes almost 10kg food per day and is scale-able.


drum and filter


The ProDrum come in 35, 50 and 100m3/hour models and is the natural progression for a company that has been building drums for aquaculture and koi applications many years.

The filter capacity can be up scaled as required for large systems.

A submersible UV assists in keeping the drum free from bacteria build-up and the algae load down.

Built from 304 stainless steel for normal use it is also available in 316 steel when needed for other environments.


January 2020