Pafuranjin F

Pafurajin F is a prophylactic and cure for bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases of fishes and other aquatic animals.


Koi, crucian carp, goldfish 

5-10g per 100 litre for 4 hour
1-2 g per 100 litre for 24 hours
1-2 g per 1000 litre for indefinite treatment
1-2 g per 5000 litre for transport water

Fresh water tropical fish:

1 g per 100 litre for 24 hours

Used or treatment for:Antimicrobial; bacteria (bacterial gill diseases, bacterial hemorrhagic septicemia, cold-water disease (Cytophaga psychrophila), Columnaris (Chondrococcus/Flexcobacter columnaris), fin rot, Furunculosis (Aeromonas salmonicida),Pseudomonas, Vibrio anguillarum); fungicide(Saprolegnia);Protozoa(Costia, Ichthyophthirius).

Store in dark as product is photo-chemically reactive.


Parfurajin F is the Japanese "equivalent" for Prefuran or Furanace and packaged in 50g satchels.and a synonym for Elbazui or Elbagin. Contains 10% sodium Nifurstyrenate.

Near equivalents are Furanace, Prefuran, Furpyridinol, Nifurpirinol, P-7138. (10% nifurpirinol)

Sodium nifurstyrenate, C13H8NNaO5, molecular weight 281 is structurally and chemically very similar to nifurpirinol, C12H10N2O4  molecular weight 246, and has the same biological action on organisms. Though sodium nifurstyrenate is thought to have lesser carcinogenic potential.


For you education when you read the packet

コイ= koi

フナ = funa =crucian carp, 

キンギョgingyo = goldfish

淡水熱帯 =freshwater tropical fish


Reference Herwig and others