Handpicked Koi

Come select your own or prepaid.

Selecting you own from a breeder of note is an opportunity that few koi keepers do not want to miss. Budgetary constrains may prevent you from going to Japan yourself, but after a 23 years involvement in the trade, we can offer to do the selecting for you.

We have our wide selection of noteworthy breeders, all masters in their own right, to choose from.  Selecting Nisai and older fish from these farms are the safest and cheapest way to get quality in your pond.

We also can get young Tosai. Not all breeders allow you to select from the young Tosai early in the season. Selecting young Tosai is always risky, but if you are prepared to accept a few that do not develop as they should, the balance normally make up for it...providing you select enough and from trusted breeders. We have a standing arrangement with such breeders for a most educational and exciting experience of a lifetime.

How to select?

How it works: Look HERE or call us for latest information

(some information might have changed since, but basically it is the same. Contact us to make sure.)