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StabHi pH Lift Powder 1 kg


StrabHi Lift Powder 1kg bag

Increases alkalinity, pH and hardness of aquaria and fish ponds in one go. 

Use:  To increase the pH, alkalinity and hardness of aquaria and fish ponds.  The biological processes in aquaria and fish ponds need the correct levels for pH and alkalinity to function properly. Equally important is to maintain the hardness by adding calcium and magnesium ions.  StabHi Powder does all that.
Dosage: 1 g/liter will raise the pH by about pH units depending on the prevailing water parameters. 
Aquaria: 5g (one teaspoon) will raise the pH of 100 liters by 0.2-0.4 units. Check the pH and alkalinity before adding about 25% of the calculated quantity. Check again after few hours.  Increase the pH slowly over several days if the change will  be more than 1 pH unit.
Ponds:  Use 1 kg  per 2000 liter pond water if the pH is below 6.5.
Consider using more economical  StabHi pH Pebbles for long-term treatment..  It will slowly dissolve in the pond over months.
Note: Will cloud the water for a few hours before settling out and any sediment can then be back washed out.

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