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StabHi pH Pebbles 250g Jar


StabHi pH Stable 1kg, 0.9 liter. Net bag for easy handling.
Use StabHi to both act as an substrate for biological filtration and a source of carbonate to counter "acid creep" (the process of acidification due to nitrification) automatically while adding calcium. Every pond should have a bag or two to help stabilize the pH and supplying essential minerals. 

StabHi will slowly dissolve as it does its job at increasing the alkalinity. The rate it dissolves is dependent on things like the fish load, feeding rate, water and if other sources are present. Will not leave an organic residue like oyster and abalone shells.
(These things are quite heavy. If you are unsure please take the free deliver option while we see how best to deliver to you . Discuss with us. There will be a charge)

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