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Sera Cu Test (Copper)

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Copper (Cu) is very toxic especially for invertebrates such as shrimps and crustaceans, but fish also react very sensitively to elevated copper levels. There are many possible causes for copper enrichment, including medical or algae combating treatments. The Sera Cu-Test allows checking quickly whether fish or invertebrates are safe. Sera Aquatan, KoiNet Tank-Fresh or KoiNet Pond-Fresh provides help in case of elevated copper levels. Sufficient for approx. 50 measurements.

Levels as little as 0.065 mℓ/l may be detrimental to fish and invertebrates. Ground water must be tested for levels of this trace metal before general use. Copper ornaments, paint, pipework are all possible sources of this element. Seek professional help for locating and correcting measures.

The copper test is carried out in case of unexplainable dying of fish and when treating with

copper-containing preparations. Neutralization of copper ions is achieved with KoiNet Tank-Fresh, Pond-Fresh or Sera Aquatan or Sera toxivec.

Directions for use:

Shake reagent bottles well before using! Do not allow tested water to contact aquarium or pond water!

  1. Rinse vial several times with the water to be tested, then fill up to the 10 ml mark. Dry vial on the outside.
  2. Add 7 drops of reagent 1 into the vial and shake the vial until the liquid is evenly distributed.
  3. Add 7 drops of reagent 2 into the vial and shake the same manner.
  4. Compare the colors after 5 minutes. Place the vial on the color chart and compare the colors from a position above under natural daylight. Avoid direct sunlight.
  5. Is the color dark blue, the sample contains more than 1 mg/l copper. Repeat the measurement with a diluted sample.
  6. To do so, rinse the vial carefully with the water to be tested and fill up to the 5 ml mark. Top up to the 10 ml mark with distilled water. Use a pharmaceutical grade distilled water. Repeat the test as mentioned with points 2. to 4.
  7. Compare the colors once again with the color chart. Please do not forget to read the value given in the line “5 ml + 5 ml!”
  8. Cleaning: Clean the vial thoroughly with tap water before and after each test.

Close reagent bottles immediately after use and do not exchange caps. Store at room temperature (15 – 25°C ) and away from light. For testing ornamental fish aquariums and pond water only.

Copper level: Valuation and measures

  • Cu = 0.0 mg/l - optimal for invertebrates and snails
  • Cu = 0.3 mg/l - bind with Sera aquatan or Sera toxivec and/or carry out a partial water change,
  • because these levels are fatal for invertebrates and harmful for fish in the long run
  • Cu = 0.6 mg/l - bind with Sera aquatan or Sera toxivec, otherwise fatal for snails and invertebrates, harmful for fish
  • Cu = 1.0 mg/l - bind with double dose of Sera aquatan or Sera toxivec, fatal for snails, invertebrates and fish
  • Cu = 2.0 mg/l and more - partial water change with copper-free water and bind with double dose of Sera aquatan and Sera toxivec, very harmful for plants resp. fatal for fish and other organisms

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